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I write this because there were things that I did not bring to a conclusion in the interview of two weeks ago. So here I want to finish off some things for the sole purpose of being conclusive and as accurate as possible.

Who are the powers that be and who really runs the Planet?

As I stated there are many factions who run our Earth. Those who are truly in power are never seen nor known. I said there are the Jesuits who are run by the Reptilians and quietly control all World Governments and Spiritualism around the Globe .Then there is the Anunaki who I am sure that most of you are aware of. They have left us with much unfinished business and been catastrophic to the Planets health and ecology. Then of course there are the dimensional forces of mostly 4D who are run by other malevolent multidimensional forces.

I want to focus on just one of them for the moment because he came to see me, in person a few years ago.

I was sitting at home in my bedroom one late afternoon in the early fall; this was after my visitation with the Council of Twelve, so I had regular visitors in my space speaking to me all the time. Mr. Grey ( a holographic Grey) was there, along with the being whom I call Arie (short for Ayrymanatha) and the Shadow Forces who are always around everywhere on Planet…mind you though some are friend and others are foe.

Sitting there doing something while chatting I looked out into the hallway to see that the light was changing and I suddenly got a very cold chill down in the depths of me. I made myself shake it off as I watched the coloration in the hall ebb and flow into sorted patterns and then I could feel the presence of a great evil unlike anything that I have ever experienced in my life.

Once again not knowing exactly what it was I made myself shake it off only to see smoke suddenly begin to bellow down the hallway and into my room like it was from a smoke machine in a dance club. Great bellows of smoke wafted down the hall towards my open bedroom door and then suddenly the color in the hall went from white to copper, to orange, to red, to dark blood red. I sat there waiting not knowing what was coming but I could here and feel it as my whole space was dimensionally shifted. Seconds later I saw the form shadows of Dimensional Human looking beings who had began to line the hallway coming slowly towards my door.

Slowly almost paralyzingly slow the shadows moved down the hall as I watched them stretch from the light source in back of them that came from out of no where. Then they were in the room lining the walls as guards, the escorts of whomever or whatever was coming. I braced myself as I now stood there waiting, unable to get myself to leave the room and watching all this dimensional shifting taking place in the hall and my room. Then there was a great shadow… not yet in form moving ever so slowly towards the doorway. First the shadow of the hand and the arm came into view and then this tall, long, hooded shadow slowly started to turn into my door. I braced myself and waited for what seemed like eternity when slowly this long, tall, hooded being stood in my doorway, head bowed and all of him masked by this great black cloak that shrouded his being. I felt the presence of absolute complete, total and utter evil as is unknown to most. It made me tremble and I had to shake myself awake from the dark feeling.

Suddenly he looked up at me with his piercing red rimmed, yellow eyes and said not a word as he scanned through me.

I looked at him and said “ “So who are you and what the fuck do you want??? Am I suppose to be scared of you or what?” I stood there after this exchange watching him as he said not a word nor did he convey one word telepathically, total silence.

He sized me up and down without moving, took my measure as I said to him “ well whoever you are you can fuck off!” Even as I spouted the words I felt trepidation and yet I was determined to stand strong no mater what.

I had no idea how important my meeting the Council of Twelve had been or that this was why this being stood here assessing me now. He just had to see me for himself in the flesh. And he did for several seconds more and then just as suddenly he slowly turned and began to move back from whence he came. Slowly returning the same way he had come, his great shadow being the last to go and then the guards left the room and began to move down the hall so I walked out into the hall to see.

There is smoke everywhere in my room and the hall and as I look down the hall to see the remaining guards lining the path I am looking right into the portal from which he had emerged. I can still see his back several meters away before he disappears. The portal is like a ramp that has been let down into the house completely through the back wall from the garden, everything is red and orange and smokey as the guards continue their return to from whence they came. I watch in amazement as the portal begins to close and moments later they are gone. Lights are normal now and only traces of the fog remain, I stood there asking myself what the hell just happened?

It has only been within the past two years that I have been given the understanding of this visitation by Pindar. Until then I had no clue who, what or why. It was unknown to me that when visited by the Council of Twelve everyone knows and you are thrust into a whole different class of surveillance. The possibilities are life threatening as I would come to learn.

I tell you this tale for many reasons..

  1. This is the guy who runs Planet Earth here on this plane even thought he is 4D at least. He is the number one Demigod of the original 13 Bloodlines on Earth and the leader of the Illuminati. He has one superior in the inner Earth who is pure Reptilian. They are both Draconian Reptilians. They are an awesome power far beyond the scope of what you think of as power for it is not through the use of technology, it is from living and existing in another dimension where this is a natural state of being and they can transcend all things 3D
  2. Those who want so desperately to have the experience of contact…it will be good for you to understand that it is not always sweetness and roses… you are put on a list that you never get off of…you are constantly watched, possibly harassed and many other things. So be careful what you wish for. I did not ask for contact ever…it came to me unsolicited.
  3. That the Planet is not linear, nor are the beings who run it, nor are you, it requires consciousness and a willingness to know the truth to genuinely get a glimpse of what is happening beyond the pale so to speak.
  4. To help answer the question of who runs the Planet. PINDAR and The 13 Bloodlines.

Steward Swerdlow says…

“The next layer are the second in command families who support the 13 ruling families and do the support work for THE PINDAR. While all thirteen ruling families are shape-shifters, all members of the 300 supporting families are not. They do however have a high percentage of Reptilian DNA.

These tend to be the Zionist, politicians, corporate leaders, lawyers, newscasters and those who keep the wheels a turning. So as you can see the question is not so simple to answer in a single stroke of the tongue or the pen. The following link shows you all the areas of life that they hold dominion over

Where are the Illuminati?


Then there was the closing question about our soul which also has no singular answer, so I will approach it this way and pray that all get the inference of what I mean.

As a child I could never have imagined what is happening in the World today.

I was just watching a piece on Chemtrail spraying over the Islands of British Columbia, earlier I watched a piece on the use of HAARP and the Japanese quake, how HAARP is essential to the weather pattern change and the depletion of the food supply. I also saw the piece on project Bluebeam, mind control, and the beaming of thought into your head, the beaming of sound into the ear and enough to make the average person go crazy. Having experienced this at the hands of the Worlds master torturers I am very familiar with the technology.

As I watched I was filled with great sadness that we all here on this Planet are literally fighting for our lives and in no small way. I am filled with sadness that other beings human and multidimensional want to destroy us; our Planet and expanding consciousness, no matter what their reason, I am filled with sadness that our soil is being depletion of vital nutrients for growing life sustaining food. I am saddened by the animals who willing give their lives to feed us and are suffering at the hands of their captors being poisoned before they are inhumanly slaughtered, I am saddened at the inability of people who are just not with it, who refuse to see that they are a part of us all and therefore the problem, I am saddened by the slavery so many willingly live with that we call the money-debt system and I am saddened that people will not turn off their damn TV’s

I sit here in tears for all of humanity and all life on the Planet because as a whole many just don’t get it. Why don’t we work together as a unified whole a united force to stop these lecherous pricks who seek solely to destroy us and all that is for the highest and best good of all. Without our life force to feed their wants and desires for chaos, greed and calamity they have nothing.

Our water has been purposefully contaminated on all fronts from fracking to the fallout of the nuclear reactor in Japan. And people go on everyday as if nothing has happened. So here I say to you it is my heart and soul that are sad about the state of things today.

A friend sent me an email in response to a video that shows why Americans are perceived to be stupid.

Why People Believe Americans Are Stupid


Here is his reply to me…”Unbelievable!  I suppose Bush was a fairly clear reflection of the populace when he was POTUS.  These people are a product of their dumbed down education system, a controlled media, devitalized  food, chemtrails and they and us are living in an electrosmog from all manor of microwave radiation from Cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, portable phones, and coming soon to our neighborhood: smart meters.  I spend hours each day keeping up on this stuff.  The average person who has a life is probably oblivious to a lot of what we know.”

I say yes to his words and that people have not taped into their force of life…their souls nor their purpose, they are not up on their own game. The tears are rolling down my face now as I weep for all of us and for everything on the Planet. For we are all in a state of denial or pain as they are truly the same thing. Understand that it is my connection to all of you that makes my soul, my spirit respond to wanting the highest and best for us all and enables me to do what I can.

In the short time that I have been public I have come to see that even those who are aware are often not ready to lay down their comfort to live in truth. For me it was taken and I found myself at a crossroads where I accepted what was, finding the blessings within it and moving on.

We are all here to make our own choices. Those who choose wisely get to move on and to not be here in the dimension when the s… hits the Planet. Open your hearts completely, open your minds and your soul will follow. Make no mistake that there is no other way out except through it. Know that all is a blessing for your expansion no mater how dark it may look and that together we can and do accomplish any and everything…

All my love to Everyone and Everything

As Always


Illuminati Confessions


13 Bloodlines




PINDAR the Lizard King


Pindar the Draconian Reptilian returns

This girl and her friends are being used for fodder, sex and as slaves; her priorities are wrong…she has not long to remain nor do her friends. They are unknowing of the consequence, yet willing worshipers of the darkness.


A Different story about the Anunaki


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Sovereign Being

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***Alchemy of Light Broadcast with Anthony Kane – March 26, 2011


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