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“Oh when you were young did you question all the answers
Did you envy all the dancers who had all the nerve?
Look around you now, you must go for what you wanted
Look at all my friends who did and got what they deserve!”
~Graham Nash (Wasted on the Way)

Sandra Menendez began her migration to America in 1995 from Madrid, Spain. Never religious, always spiritual, she has been steadfast in her Soul care and honouring her dreams of a better world and the new humanity that is evolving at this time.  While she lives in a busy metropolis in New Jersey, working two jobs and enrolled in a bachelors program to get her degree in Paramedicine, she has actively cultivated her spiritual growth as a priority every step of the way.

There have been many turning points along the way for her, but most recently she was gifted with a powerful message for humanity that she would like to share that came to her in a lucid dream. In the dream she asked the question ‘Is humanity going to make it, or are we going to destroy the Earth and vanish?’ At this point she time traveled into the future and glimpsed the world in 2030 bringing back the message for us all that ‘Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We can do this and we can do this together. It is much closer than we think.’

Transcription of Sandra’s dream:

When we go to sleep, obviously, we’re drifting among different phases from the moment that we are getting relaxed and slowly falling asleep. You know, our brain – everything starts to slow down and, I think that one thing that everybody has, that we have in common if we are able to remember our dreams, is the fact that regular or normal dreams have a very distinctive quality. That is the fact that you know that you’re dreaming because reality gets distorted a little bit; things sometimes change in a strange way, or the colours are different. It feels different. It’s basically like a regular dream. I knew that this dream was absolutely unique because of a few things. First of all, when I was having this dream the first thing that took place was that I realised, I sensed, that I was dreaming. It was a realisation. And, two, I decided and I chose not to wake up and hence, to have control over the dream…something that hadn’t happened to me since I was maybe 13 or 14 years old – many many many years ago. That’s probably the first thing that shocked me. After that, not only was I able to do that, but [I was] realising that this is not regular dreaming. I mean everything was exactly as reality itself. There was no distortion. It was perfectly clear like I am right now sitting at home.

So basically, my dream started and I was spending some time with my family. It was early 1980′s. All of the sudden, realising that I had control over my dreaming, and over what I would do and where I would go, basically this question popped into my mind and I said ‘Well, I really would like to know if there is a future for the human race; If we are going to destroy ourselves and destroy planet Earth or is there a light at the end of the tunnel?’ And at that moment, basically, I jumped into the future. It was interesting because one of the very first things that I noticed was my fancy watch, if you can call it a watch — some type of device that basically told me the year that I was in, which it was actually 2030 – around the corner. And, I was inside this apartment, apparently in a high rise flat. I decided to go towards the window, a big beautiful, kind of like a bay window but not really…it was somewhat round and totally transparent. Basically I looked through the window and I realised that I was in a very large city, almost like New York City. There was something different about this city. Usually when we say city, or a very busy metropolitan area, we automatically think about polluted and dirty and dark and busy and this was like no city I have ever seen before. Yes, it was busy but it had a flow to it. It had a harmony to it. There were no disruptions. Everything seemed like it flowed effortlessly. The buildings were beautiful, aesthetically designed and I looked down and I saw tons of people in the street. One of the things that really caught my eye immediately was the cars – the vehicles were absolutely spectacular. They were very modern. The vehicles were not flying, however they looked very futuristic and it was as if each vehicle were gliding slightly above the ground. I couldn’t see wheels but it was almost like they floated and each vehicle when it moved gently throughout the street. Not only that, but the sense that the first vehicle in line was connected to the fortieth vehicle behind, and almost as if the traffic were to be an alive organism. There was some type of connection – telepathic connection, you can call it that. Everybody knew or was somehow aware of what the other driver was doing. So, it was a perfect, slow, gentle motion of traffic moving. And then on top of that, each car had these glowing neon or slash/LED or something – lights. Each car had its own lights that gave a very specific signature to that specific car. That’s the other thing that really caught my mind –- the beauty of these cars moving effortlessly. At this point I decided to go downstairs and check it out, mix with the people and see the streets. Basically I got into the, if you can call it – elevator, and go downstairs. I say that because it was absolutely beautiful place that brought me downstairs. I can’t even describe it in words because obviously I was seeing things that haven’t been built yet. Anyhow, I go downstairs and as soon as I go out of the building, basically, the streets were packed with people. People walking around, busier than 5th Avenue in New York City. Amongst all these people I saw two individuals that caught my eye really quickly. One was an individual that was wearing a completely white jump suit from head to toe. He had some kind of fancy, special kind of helmet and was carrying a bright orange medical services badge. Next to this individual was another man wearing some type of dark blue jumpsuit, the same from head to toe. He had a slightly different type of helmet, again, if you can call it that because I can’t really describe exactly what it was, and a lot of strange gadgets – I don’t know – and working gear that I didn’t recognise. I’m guessing medical personal or maybe some type of law enforcement? That’s what I was guessing. The other thing that really got my attention was that it was daytime, but it wasn’t super sunny or bright. The light was just perfect, it was just right. It didn’t bother my eyes at all and it was just really pleasant.

At this point I am saying ‘Oh my god, where am I?’ This is definitely the future, the year 2030, and again, having [a] constant feeling that this is not a dream. This is maybe an astro-trip, is it a lucid dream, what is this? This is not real dreaming. It felt so, so different. Of course, I made the conscious choice of not waking up and continuing my beautiful experience.

At this point, one of the things that probably fascinated me the most was the feeling that the people around me, these super tremendously evolved human beings, they were aware that I was not from their time. I could sense it like they could communicate telepathically somehow because I could sense the recognition that they knew that I was there. There was acceptance, they accepted me, but they also knew that I was less evolved, that I was more primitive of a human being. And still, they accepted me amongst all of them. That was one, and two, there was an amasing sense of harmony and peace around me. I could sense with all my senses – five and more, that people were happy. I could sense the joy. Everybody was going around with their busyness but there was no rush. There was no anger. There was no confusion. There was no frustration. It was as if everything, it was meant to be. And again, there was pure happiness and pure understanding amongst everybody. Like everybody had a common goal, a common purpose for that civilization, for that human race. The feeling was absolutely unbelievable.

At that point, the very last thing of my dream I remember witnessing the most unbelievable display of dancing, if you can call it dancing…I remember looking towards my right and there was a display. There was a group of these evolved human beings and the way they were dancing. The music, of course, I cannot put it into words, unfortunately. It was the most beautiful notes I have ever heard in my life … just something that you have to hear. Along with this beautiful music you could see these individuals dancing . And when I say dancing, the best way I can put it for the audience, try to imagine a ballet dancing mixed with a gymnast mixed with a basket ball [player]…they were just fascinating. They were twisting and turning and jumping and gliding. Then they had certain props that I don’t know what they were…and they were complimenting their dance. It was phenomenal. They were doing it – again, it was a thing that I sensed because there was no verbal communication – I could sense that the purpose is because of joy. They just felt like dancing, they felt like sharing this beautiful display of art and they were sharing that with everybody. It was absolutely fascinating to witness such a beautiful display of art.

DG: Were you still on the street? Were they dancing in the street?

SM: That is correct. They were dancing in the street. The people were going up and going around. They had this little area set up for them and that’s where they were performing and that’s where they were dancing. It was basically for the public, for everybody or anyone that wanted to see them dance.

Probably one of the last things that I remember that also caught my attention completely, was not only that they were able to communicate with each other telepathically and they could use that sense of knowing what the other person was thinking, but how they moved. They were walking, sure, but at some point here and there, one of them would like take a little jump and they would almost in slow motion [pass] a few feet over the air and then land gently and continue their walk. Almost as if [when] one has to step over a puddle when it has rained and you don’t want to get wet, something similar. And some of them can jump a little bit and others could really take a nice long jump! Almost like they were floating in the air before they landed and they continued walking. That, also, really shocked me and surprised me. That’s pretty much it. I remember waking up soon afterwords and remembering every single feeling and every single image with total clarity so I took advantage of that and I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote everything down …

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June 18, 2011, mp3 with Sandra Menendez


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Joseph ZaidanFebruary 4th, 2013 at 05:56

This is a view of an upper dimension of the Astral from which you came before being reincarnated, and to which you will return on passing away. This description of your visit was downloaded on my facebook page.
All my love.

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