My sacred Mountain retreats by Polona Somrak, Diary of an Ascension Pioneer

Dear Family of Love!

If You happened to notice, I had a few Mountain retreats lately. I wish to express a bit about why they are so important on my journey. You see, as an Ascension guide and a Pillar of Light, I AM always guided to travel to Gaia’s power places, the powerful Vortex points. Mountains are a huge part of that! I have been weaving my energy there for a while now, holding the space. But another important purpose that they are serving in my life, is supporting my own personal Ascension process and integration. That is why I AM so often guided to visit them and spend a while there … feeling the intense higher dimensional energies, while fully grounding them at the same time.

My first Mountain retreat this year was in the middle of June. Something just called me in the middle of the evening and I had to pack my bags and I leave. The callings usually come in that strong. Funny enough, I later saw sister in Light Sandra Walter talk about how she was guided to do same … at the exact same time frame. There are no coincidences, only synchronicity … and a lot of us Ascension guides are riding the same waves of Ascension energies … to later integrate/embody them and pave the way through our own personal guidance system … by assisting others in this current transition.

So my first Mountain retreat in the middle of June was something absolutely amazing. I have never felt so Divine before … so guided and so in attunement with my inner God-Goddess Self. I left for a few days to return to the wilderness. I was headed for another hiking adventure. I felt the rush … it felt amazing. Straight out of the blue, I was just guided to pack my bags and leave for a while, to be alone in Nature … with Gaia and my own Self. I desired to be outdoors and to sleep under the stars again. I wished to be spontaneous and adventurous, so I surrendered to what this trip will bring me as I stayed open.

The energies were so intense the weekend before that, and my inner guidance was telling me to retreat for a while, to ground the new energies and connect to the Higher Presence. Of course, coming back and reporting about my magical adventures and the new energies is also a very important part of my purpose. A sense of Magic has been lost within many Humans and it’s time to bring this back, because the Soul dims its Light when it forgets to have fun, to be playful and to always live in a sense of Magic … the inner Joy and the thrill of a good adventure. Many have forgotten how to constantly live in this space of the “unknown,” which is the constant drive for adventure. It is felt through an inner sensation of a pleasant rush.

So this Mountain retreat was so fantastic and magical. I decided to stay one more day, because I was guided so. I could be alone up there forever, although I know I AM to continuously return and share this magic with others. I was anchoring new energies, enjoying my solitude and all the Nature life around me, connecting with the Faery realm and different Beings, sleeping under the starry sky, hiking like crazy and relaxing on a white sand by a Mountain river stream. Words do not suffice and they fail me each time that I try to describe what I was experiencing. But at a certain point, I felt absolutely blank, like I have no thought, no dominating sensations … just pure Being. I never felt this way before, and so strongly “emptied out.” This was the beginning of my re-write, the full clearing that started to take place then. This is happening for many of us now, as we are being given the opportunity to fully re-write ourselves … to start completely anew, like a blank piece of paper!

The first day I went hiking to my favorite waterfall, and another hill that has this gorgeous view and You can see the tallest Mountains there. The second day I went for a longer hike, and I made a round tour … these are my favorites, because this way we make a circle, so the energy circle is completed and it’s sacred. The third day, I was just relaxing by this Mountain river stream, all alone … on the white sand and rocks, and I was playing with my Faery oracle and getting important new insights.

One of the most important ones was this. There is this empty oracle card in one of my Faery oracle decks, and You are supposed to draw your own Faery guide there. I started to draw it with my pencil, and I drew something that looked like a Mountain Princess. The name I placed there was “Me, Myself and I.” I asked my guidance why this name exactly, and it said: “Because You are your own Faery guide. It is You, the Mountain Princess Polona.” I was reading the chapter in the guidance book, and it explained about the different kinds of Faeries and Elves, and one of them are Mountain fairies … the tall Beings, the wise Ones, the shining Ones. I looked at the Mountains at the same time, as tears started rushing in my eyes and I said to them aloud: “That’s why I love You so much. I know that I AM your guardian.”

You can see my first video that I recorded about the Magic of the Fairies and Elves here:

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